T-this-this-this-this is the moment that I take over your mind brain
Step into the picture that I paint you to my brain game
I let her date you so I give you a migraine
Over and over, put it on me, later you're insane
This is a rollercoaster that's about to be long gone
Once you jump in, we're gonna get up on the lump and hold on
Just let it go, get it up, allow yourself to transform
Follow me, follow me to a place I know of no return

Are you ready, ready, ready to go-g-g-go?
Are you ready, ready, ready to go-g-g-go?

[Chorus x2:]
Bionic, take it supersonic, eh
I'm bionic; hit you like a rocket, eh-ay-yeh
Bionic, so damn bionic, eh
Gonna get you with my electronic, supersonic rocket, eh

I-I-I-I-I am the future, put it on you like a hurricane
Call me the supernova that's taking over all time and space
I'm testing your dimension, can't keep up with what I create
I'll break your concentration, imagination with what I make
Many times imitated, not duplicated; can't be replaced
Na-na-now, lemme spell it out, everybody can shout my name;
(Say) X-X-X-T-T-T-I-I-I-N-N-N-A-(say)-A-A-(say)

Are you ready, ready, ready to go-g-g-go?



[Chorus x2]

Eh-ay-yeh, oh oh oh, eh-ay-yeh [x7]

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